diode v9n1




the first symptom:         adrenal roses
I will be considering                        self-engineering                               the divot
our glands leave behind in our bodies                 nostalgia for the solemn
    I take      your head                            in my hands
                                I carry my pituitary cells in a cup
           poetry is the mind                coming                           apart
I know things seem to be falling                                                   I will also consider
                                                                                          I will also discuss
this is the basis of special gland                                                          growth
oh                                   that was when I was seduced by thorns
It is scary         we get smaller                              and smaller
                            as we lose our diseases


Testone Radium Energizer

                  slumber                              a piece of coal        a single person     
goes    to        another part                                                                    of the brain
            for the sagging         dragging weight
that pulls down                                 and saps                                 energy—
                                             eloquent rain in tiny cities
                                                                                                                     this marvelous
appliance                                                       magic metastasized
body’s dawn
               cords that hold                                                                             in
the organ cannot feel its shadow                               revitalizing
                           to repair                     worn-out              nerve cells
fasten warmth                                a refinery     a pear                new energy flows
decode the personalities                                                           shovel off
                                                                 the dirt
                                                       of buried memories
people touch                                                                       the people rising in their heads



colored lights bring                 person in touch                       with nature
                                it      is
the body’s basic unit of life                                 nearby tissues
break down the curative rays of the sun                       the glass of the world
           the reluctant eye                           I am the yellow            inside green                     
I’ve been tasting my own death
for a year                                                     one out of nine
every three minutes                                  every thirteen minutes       
                  anything abnormal                                           the eye is
                                                                            during certain moon phases face north
                      potential to live                                                                                            outside
place of origin                                             you are                       the blue
every twenty minutes                                               everything opens its eyes
            we practice flying against each other’s
      bodies                                    this is what we call making  


“When given the opportunity to talk about the past or the present or the future, I generally stumble around between my mortality and my immortality until I get lost. I have come to think of Time as being deliciously dangerous.  Obviously I have yet to recover from the Tarot Card Accident of 1997—an event that involved a clattering of cups and pentacles, eventually concluding in a catastrophic crash.”