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Preferred Customer Lines

I dream into a vector en route a transparency
feigned to defer pain to the realm of animal
this is the trick of the language machine
consecrating the tree the water
pan American in any case

should the rainbow section them off too
not even the questionables would ebb
me a rare moment calls to
to nest the odds

                                      preferred customer
                           will you wander with me?

I tend to animating flashimators
real world complicity I don’t get
mineral composition of will
all stone pishi kaka

         a nobler tone of whether
                  secretingly seamless


in that mother is telling me how they all left for coffee
when father was about to fire up his decibels 
my misery is in forgetting he willed it
in forgetting the future is
what lack produces

a relationship with trust or faith
                  noble composition

                           my misery stationary

while she visits (we talk till morning
then she leaves and I am divorcing
moving etc etc) then she’s back
but stays at grandma’s

         the sum of whites between lines

a life or that which can be whatever
cranked up or down for legato
doubted vowel behind icons

                           secreting composition

will from code creates then

                  Akh Tamar Tamar!

humbled and promiscuous within
a living room and the Silk Road

I give up the transparency
the oracle I’ve consulted
elsewhere & temporary


         secretly enthused flashimator
                           tweening flower

nymphed by and where twigs yearn for leaves
a cavity burns on this side of desire

     monastic and mineral

the word’s means into consciousness
the geriatric fashionable virtual
more genus than species

daughtered eyes and a wooden leg
multicolor and inlaid 
burning cicada

an adult will soon lay its eggs
a few bends then beware
the corrosive confirm

removed from eyes that perceived loss
to will intent by how lack holds
order of lines across a sonata
someone will want me then

forestalled as natural flash
mother’s and father’s
I live and long for


the return is hardware
there at the instant

      Akhtamar postponed composition

suddenly quills arching tweens
an eye for tomorrow instructs
some mountain pass too
very tired from long ago

look away and closely
I come sure-footed

guaranteed but short of
a minor person’s alibi
flashing light

              Babylonian male
how up there you left me

thinking I would pick up speed
the disguise of an under-math 
street and destiny humbled

         feathers are weeping for posters

the dead and the other in my stomach
aced of club acting out the club
as the wheel of narrative turns

why didn’t you

                  animate justice

a sky framed flower orchestral in monotype
what to do with the clubbed decibels
what to do with Tashmit’s hair
Gula Gula please

exorcise yourself

rising and falling the detour spreads
as when memory narrates
in and out of line father
dispossessing son

or was that all about the mud on our feet
leaving all behind except for lines
having had to cross Euphrates

lines for the Chaldean female
pushing for direction
Oannes for wisdom
for how come
                           Ea for luck

here’s Tamar and map to the altar we call heart
choked over the hiss a God has uttered
looking further into a nobler law
first person plural-dot-how
the motherland jilt
a song of never

           Akh Tamar Tamar

neither Phoenician nor Turk 
preferred customer damar
between power points 
justice willed away

the mantle extravaganza has a lid for
for eyes bulleted for love
the song that labels all
sacrificed versus dead

the fear of resolve
spit and chatter.



After such landscape has colored desire
the body embers in the small of a forest
someone is finally merciful

words are not enough
stars are not enough
light reminds me

cursive over my parts
mimetic verbs wed

            flowered gods
                  sweetheart whimsy

hint at my favorite parts or meet me there
the right elegy nails shut
a divination’s alibi

the rain has begun to pretend
panels of spread flesh
theory and inability


give them a proper name
grid collecting cloud
things about

Narcissus bites for a theme
that’s emeth backwards
I have no pose in
aleph erased

good and bad embers in the small of the forest
soul on the solid wall across
breathing roots into meth

            I have some

sharp as ever green
it’s hard to believe

the donor was grand-fathered
candelabrum out of order
pointed at carnelian

the wasteland
twig by twig

    doubt pales induction

certain things spell betrayal
the heart behaves then
mind a bloody thing
dammed up

Southern borders are crumbling
knots of suppose and between
life and non-life crossings

       throat outside the oeuvres
              all I’ve held so far


to seek to have seems unplugged
returns of the very same
sun-stripped thought

flashing away the blue notes
where light stretches mercy
bottoms out 

thing somehow absurdly world
collared bough thing

grass is redeemed then

shell blue embers
prowess tilted

meanwhile and because of the charge
a precious heart meets your shape
an eye away by the kitchen stove
the heat brightens the blue
wished for
                        loss calls
            half a dally away

someone scarcer than me is missing
lesser and lesser in the hallway
we repair the grid and pleats
carnelian and bird.  


Arpine Konyalian Grenier’s poetry has appeared in numerous publications including several anthologies. Her latest volume is The Concession Stand: Exaptation at the Margins (Otoliths, 2011). She lives in Tucson, Arizona.