archives spring 2008



At Mom’s House

I left a note on your face Dad.


First, Burritos

first, burritos
out in one huge pile
it’s a great start
shit out a shit with a tortilla still wrapped around it
the exact burrito mass
nothing is lost or kept
the way things should be
hard and dark


I’ve Got Two Sleeping Women in a Smallish House

I’ve got two sleeping women in a smallish house
think of a big ship turning around in a harbor
ok goodnight


Mostly Rather She Wanted Me

mostly rather she wanted me
to sleep in the same bed as her

a hotbox
layered and beautiful


Not Sleeping

I’m not sleeping
in my old bedroom
while everyone sleeps
in everyone else’s old bedroom

bats all up under my eyelids
and now a pond
sogging up my sweatshirt


Voiceless in a Well

I am voiceless in a well
you don’t have to breathe
when you have no voice


We Say We’re Cities

we say we’re cities
that live
leg inside leg:
but do not move

be moved around by you

when I do things alone:
pin my back to your old twin bed 


Emily Kendal Frey lives in Portland, Oregon. Recent work is forthcoming from Word For/Word, La Petite Zine, Spinning Jenny, Bat City Review, Horse Less Press, Portland Review, and Octopus.

Zachary Schomburg is the author of a book of poems, The Man Suit (Black Ocean Press 2007), the co-editor of an online poetry magazine, Octopus, the co-editor of a small poetry press, Octopus Books, the co-curator of the The Clean Part Reading Series, and a PhD student at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.