archives fall 2007




She packs her bags
Unready      her heart refused to sing
Still unscoured by the relentless wind
The island’s breath so much stronger than her own
She fights the clothes onto the line
Pins each twice   towels and shirts fight for release
as does she
from all the times past whispering
the door always unlocked always words unbidden
drowns her.

Over the ferns the sea rolls in the distance
The sun past zenith falling down to the western coast

Others are warned   do not disturb
but what is there to disturb?
She begins to feel guilty
even the ghosts are bored

And the moon rises a hair-breath smaller 


the noise

this noise
                        that is my noise
cicadas but not cicadas                    and whine
                                                cacophony for one

sometimes music         a long
        way off          a hymn     without words
instruments unknown                             forgotten prayer

a winding cloth raps             an interment off key
                                 ear                  to                      ear


escape  almost  when inside roar
      falls in between outside                  shurrrrrrrrrrring


noise machine        or              water talk           

no silence possible               be careful

                      mocking  bird     
        still sings
                              Satie             Pärt         Glass
                                    notes cross and send filaments to
                                                mingle but not muffle

                    in the laps of sound

I sing myself inside out 


Eve Rifkah is editor of the literary journal Diner and co-founder of Poetry Oasis, Inc., a non-profit poetry association. Her work appears, or is forthcoming, in Bellevue Literary Review, The MacGuffin, 5 AM, Parthenon West, newversenews.com, poetrymagazine.com, Chaffin Journal, Porcupine Press, The Worcester Review, California Quarterly,  ReDactions,  and others. Her chapbook At the Leprosarium won the 2003 Revelever chapbook contest. She is a professor of English at Worcester and Fitchburg, State Colleges.