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Editors’ Preface

Aaron Apps
J.L. Conrad
Karen Craigo
Lightsey Darst
Leia Darwish
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Piotr Gwiazda
Dore Kiesselbach


Alyse Knorr
BJ Love
Joshua McKinney
Philip Metres
Rajiv Mohabir
Pamela Johnson Parker
Catherine Pierce


Special Features
  Arseny Tarkovsky | Poems, trans. Philip Metres and Dimitri Psurtsev
  Five Poems by Lila Zemborain, trans. Daniel Coudriet
  Naseer Hassan | from Dayplaces: Showdowns on the Beauty of the World
    and its Depression
, trans. Naseer Hassan and Jon Davis
  Jim Whiteside
    Review | To See the Queen, Allison Seay

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  Diode Editions, featuring The Scenery of Farewell (And Hello Again), Joshua Poteat

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