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Editors’ Preface

Michelle Bitting
Mark Jay Brewin, Jr.
Kara Candito
Kevin Clark
Nick Courtright
Patrick Culliton
Jessica Goodfellow
Hedy Habra
Christine Hamm
Virginia Konchan
Patrick Lawler


Joseph O. Legaspi
Kathleen McGookey
Sarah Messer
Lev Rubinstein,
   trans. Philip Metres and
      Tatiana Tulchinsky
Corinna McClanahan Schroeder
Brandon Shimoda
Katerina Stoykova-Klemer
Danna Weiss
Danielle Wheeler

Special Features
  Nance Van Winckel
    Altered Book Pages, from a series entitled Sit Down and Shut Up (The 1964 Official
      Guide to the NY World’s Fair)

  Kyle McCord
    Review | My Dead, Amy Lawless

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