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Editors’ Preface

Mary Biddinger
Peter Campion
Svetlana Cârstean, trans. Adam J. Sorkin    and Claudia Serea
T. Zachary Cotler
Oliver de la Paz
Tarfia Faizullah
Brent Goodman
David Hernandez
Dennis Hinrichsen
Ruth Ellen Kocher


Jesse Lichtenstein
Al Maginnes
Sally Wen Mao
Louise Mathias
Laura McCullough
Vikas K. Menon
Peter Jay Shippy
Ocean Vuong
G. C. Waldrep

 Special Features
  Craig Beaven
    Review | Persons Unknown, Jake Adam York
  Blake Butler
Tarfia Faizullah
    Chittagong, IV | Dhaka, VII | Dhaka, X
  Michael Hersrud

    Assembling Words and Pictures from My Life in Doha

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